Companies today are up against incomparable obstacles in the face of an explosion of complex financial and operational regulations. Scrutinizing and managing compliance with these laws can not only be all-consuming but often daunting as constant monitoring of regulations can be overwhelming. However, the cost of non-compliance, is significant, ranging from fines to irreparable damage to your firm’s brand reputation.

As an integral component of a company’s risk management framework, the regulatory compliance program is a company’s means for adhering to the laws, regulations, and guidelines which are relevant to its operations. As defined by the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) in SR 08-08 (which can be applied to all types of financial institutions) firmwide compliance risk management refers to the processes established to manage risk across an entire organization, both within and across business lines, support units, legal entities, and jurisdictions of operation. This approach ensures that oversight is conducted in a context broader than would take place solely within individual business lines or legal entities. Implementing a compliance program requires highly trained and experienced professionals who can address numerous requirements and implement and oversee compliance programs for organizations of all sizes.

At DLA, we work with organizations to develop, execute and support economical regulatory compliance programs. By offering an efficient, risk-based approach to managing your compliance endeavors, our top priority is to safeguard stakeholder value and protect the value of your company’s brand and reputation.

Let DLA Help You Protect Your Business

By partnering with DLA, you will:

  • Benefit from the deep expertise of a team that comprises of DLA professionals who are highly experienced attorneys, accountants, auditors, risk managers, and consultants
  • Realize the advantages of solutions tailored specifically to your institution’s individual size and needs
  • Experience immediate results based on our extensive knowledge base of industry-leading best practices
  • Gain access to experts across compliance, legal, risk management, and audit disciplines
  • Provide clients, regulators, leadership, and the board with excellence and personalized service

An effective compliance department is a must.  Our compliance professionals and consultants can:

  • Assess the compliance department organizational structure and its effectiveness
  • Evaluate compliance technology platforms and make recommendations
  • Implement transaction monitoring and other compliance systems and provide user support

At DLA, our professionals with expertise in securities, banking and commodities regulations can help you address the following requirements:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Regulatory Change and Impact Assessments
  • Annual Regulatory Reports for Securities and Commodities

We have skilled legal, compliance and audit professionals who conduct highly effective and comprehensive compliance tests for:

  • Securities
    • Branch Exams for Broker-Dealers
    • Examination Topics for Broker-Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors and Funds to Support Annual Compliance Reporting requirements
  • Banks
    • Examination Topics for Federal Reserve Board (FRB), Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and State Banks to Support Ongoing Supervision Requirements

At DLA, we assist with the creation, review, and update of:

  • Compliance Policy Manuals
  • Departmental Policies & Procedures
  • Written Supervisory Procedures

We also provide implementation and administration services for

Securities Broker-Dealers:

  • FINRA Central Registration Depository:  Maintains firm and employee registration information
  • FINRA Continuing Membership Application: Organizes new broker-dealers and updates the membership agreement when required
  • FINRA Advertising Regulation: Draft advertising regulation filings and submit marketing materials to FINRA

To help prepare firms for regulatory examinations, our skilled team of compliance and audit professionals can perform onsite mock examinations. These examinations can help guide firms through the actual regulatory examination process and can provide best practices for employees.

Strategy & Board Reporting: Interfacing with the Board of Directors:

  • DLA’s highly specialized team of compliance experts can help you define and implement a highly effective compliance strategy and effective reporting

Regulatory Remediation and Reporting

  • We can help you accurately identify and properly remediate regulatory issues in a timely manner

Examination Coordination and Response:

  • This task requires a team that has the required skills and experience. Our highly specialized team of compliance experts can help you respond to examinations and develop timely responses

Comprehensive training is a hallmark of well-managed compliance programs.  Our compliance professionals and consultants conduct:

  • Annual compliance meetings (Broker-Dealers)
  • Code of ethics training (Registered Investment Advisors)
  • Training for targeted topics covering securities, commodities and banking regulations

Comprehensive transaction monitoring and surveillance is a regulatory expectation.   For registered investment advisors and broker-dealers, our compliance professionals perform:

  • Trade Surveillance
  • Marketing and Advertising Reviews
  • Employee Personal Training Monitoring
  • Email Monitoring

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