DLA litigation professionals provide objective and reliable assistance to counsel and their clients, whether serving as a testifying or consulting expert on complex financial and accounting issues. We help attorneys identify and quantify issues and efficiently bring their cases to a satisfactory conclusion. Our business valuation experts and forensic accountants advise counsel on diverse aspects of litigation matters.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

DLA business valuation professionals perform a thoughtful and thorough analysis, utilizing professional skepticism, to obtain a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and prospects of each business ownership interest. We apply recognized generally accepted valuation methodologies to deliver a highly credible business valuation.

Our professionals have valued majority and minority business interests to address a wide range of valuation needs, including:

  • Matrimonial dissolution
  • Shareholder dispute
  • Gift and estate taxes
  • Damage calculations
  • Purchase or sale of an ownership interest
  • Buy-sell agreements

The nature of the service required dictates the method, governing rules and industry standards under which we operate. Our seasoned, certified, and experienced valuation experts fully understand the applicable accounting standards, case law, IRS regulations, AICPA principles, and other regulatory requirements they must abide by. We are committed to providing our clients with sound recommendations that adhere to the highest professional standards.

At DLA, our experts utilize their specialized training and experience to quantify damages due to commercial disputes such as partnership and shareholder disputes, and class action lawsuits. Working closely together, we advise both plaintiff and defense attorneys, and their clients, regarding the calculation of lost profits and other commercial damages.

Whether the matter is a minor business dispute or large and complex litigation, we always start by estimating damages to design a case strategy that makes sense. From the initial document review to writing the expert report, our most senior experts are hands-on with all aspects of the case. We are responsive and respect litigation deadlines.

Our expert reports are persuasive, easy to follow and are fully supported by the case facts. Attorneys often can settle the case based on our written opinion, knowing that our report is trial-ready, should it be necessary. Our services include:

  • Lost profits damages
  • Business interruption claims
  • Breach of contract
  • Torturous interference
  • Insurance claims
  • Trademark violations
  • Professional liability
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Breach of non-compete
  • Fraud and embezzlement loss
  • Forensic accounting
  • ERISA litigation
  • Class-action securities litigation

The dissolution of a marriage (divorce) can be challenging and emotionally charged for many reasons, and the associated financial issues cannot be overlooked. At DLA, our team stands ready to work closely with attorneys and their clients to effectively resolve all divorce-related financial disputes. Our specialists understand the complex and personal problems that come with divorce along with the stress on the parties involved, including the couple and the children.

Despite the emotional challenges that go along with divorce, DLA presents options regarding an individual’s rights to marital assets, whether they are subject to community property or equitable distribution rules. If a marital estate holds an interest in a closely held business, it is customary to have the business or business interest valued to aid in the proceedings. Our specialists can discern the various nuances and state-specific valuation-related issues to help streamline an otherwise arduous process.

For example, to fairly assign the marital assets and liabilities between the parties, consideration of the tax aspects of individually owning and/or selling each asset must be considered. Some situations are further complicated by ownership of closely held business interests of unknown value, often accompanied by suspicions of financial manipulation designed to misrepresent the income-generating capacity of the business.

We are responsive to project deadlines and stand ready to assist attorneys in the most complex litigation and valuation assignments. Choosing the right expert can potentially influence the outcome of a case. To secure their clients a winning strategy and the most creative solution for their case, the legal community turns to us as an experienced, sound and cost-effective alternative to larger firms.

DLA professionals assist family law attorneys with quantifying the financial aspects of divorce proceedings, from the early stages of the matter all the way through trial.

Our expert services include:

  • Business valuations
  • Income analysis
  • Marital net worth analysis
  • Asset tracking and documentation
  • Tax planning
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • After-tax alimony scenario calculations
  • Development of settlement proposals
  • Participation in mediation or settlement conferences
  • Trial expert witness testimony

In addition to providing expert reports and testimony, we assist counsel with our evaluation of the opposing expert’s report, preparation of questions for deposition and trial, and settlement consultation designed to bring the case to a swift, fair and reasonable conclusion.

Our team works intimately with attorneys to assure all needs are met. We are committed to providing litigation support services for family matters with the highest level of integrity and expertise, always acting in the best interest of our clients. Upon request, DLA will work as a jointly appointed, neutral expert in divorce proceedings, thereby saving time and costs and preserving the marital estate.

Other services include:

  • Construction disputes
  • Damage calculations
  • Court appointments and receiverships
  • Employment disputes
  • Expert Witness testimony

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