Combining highly specialized forensic skills with the latest industry knowledge, our forensic accounting team analyzes financial data to multi-national firms and local companies. We provide in-depth services to many clients in diverse industries for issues, including partnership and shareholder disputes, construction audits, and financial and fraud investigations.

DLA’s Forensic Accounting, Business Valuation & Litigation Support group provides clients with significant expertise while offering creative solutions to a wide variety of complex forensic and financial matters. Our professional team of valuation experts, forensic accountants, and fraud investigators are well versed in the litigation process.

DLA manages demanding forensic investigations enabling our clients to better represent their organizations. Our forensic accounting services include assistance with:

Going through a divorce and find out your joint bank account was drained? Suspect a business partner of concealing funds? We will crack open the books and find where those assets were stashed. We’ll also comb through both business and personal accounts tracing the movement of money and where it ended up. As the old proverb goes, follow the money.

Are you experiencing roblems arising between business partners or with contractual obligations? We will review your agreements and determine an equitable solution.

DLA’s construction audit experts have performed hundreds of construction audits of development and redevelopment projects. DLA performs construction audit services at various points of a construction project and as a monitoring service for long-lived projects.

Services include:

  • Reviewing existing construction processes
  • Developing or augmenting policies and procedures
  • Ongoing monitoring of construction projects and the related processes, policies and procedures
  • Forensically reviewing construction projects and the related:
    • Request for Proposal process
    • Bidding
    • Bid-leveling
    • Contracts
    • Change orders
    • Insurance programs
    • Payment applications/approvals, including general conditions
    • Close-out

Numbers don’t lie – $50 Billion dollars is stolen annually by employees causing a 7% reduction in revenues and a third of all business bankruptcies. The average fraudster steals $175,000 and takes two years to get caught. If you suspect employees are taking kickbacks from contractors or stealing checks from the mailroom, DLA’s experienced team of fraud investigators can help you get your money back where it belongs.

Fraud and misconduct represent a pervasive and significant threat to individuals and to firms of all sizes and industries.  It can occur in many guises. Some fraud schemes are designed to damage a business while others are designed to harm a company’s clients. Both scenarios represent a financial risk to a business, so awareness, deterrence, prevention, and mitigation of these acts are critical.

At DLA, we conduct fraud investigations and assist counsel in litigating civil and criminal cases. We conduct a multi-faceted investigation designed to look behind the numbers to determine the “who, why, where, what and how” of any loss. Skilled at interviewing and trained to detect signs of deception, DLA experts identify financial anomalies, connections between individuals, affiliations between business entities, and other clues that reveal how the fraud was conducted and by whom. When financial statement fraud is alleged, our certified specialists have the training, skills, and experience to thoroughly analyze complex financial transactions, evaluate their legitimacy and determine how they were treated within the accounting records. Our fraud risk management capabilities help firms build sustainable internal fraud risk assessment processes and procedures, develop anti-fraud programs and controls to protect shareholder interests, and maintain the integrity of financial reporting. At DLA, we have deep experience and a proven track record of fraud identification and recovery of lost assets.

During the litigation process, understanding the needs of clients, as well as complex financial accounting and securities concepts requires DLA’s experts who can clearly communicate findings to clients, courts, arbitrators, and mediators quickly, efficiently and effectively.

We will value all businesses owned by either spouse, prepare case information, statements, trace and document exempt assets, calculate cash flow and disposable income and split your property between what you own and what is considered a marital asset.

Partnership and shareholder disputes can develop between business partners when one generally breaches or owes “fiduciary duties” to the partnership or corporation. Lawsuits and shareholder derivative actions are specialized areas of practice. At DLA, we know how to properly evaluate those cases which require both business acumen and the analysis of a skilled expert. Examples include distributions, percentage ownership, governance issues, excessive executive compensation without consent of all partners, diverting investment opportunities for potential self-use vs. sharing, misappropriation of funds, managing the operations, and who is making a greater time commitment to the business.

DLA has audited hundreds of partnerships and joint ventures. When entering into a joint venture or partnership agreement, DLA will assist in reviewing the agreement and ensuring it has the necessary clauses to protect our client, for example; audit clauses, specific reporting requirements, provisions for management fee calculations and the like. In instances for which either partner in such an agreement has a concern, DLA has a proven track record of performing audits for the purpose of identifying a myriad of issues, including but not limited to, deviations from the partnership or joint venture contract, exceptions to industry practices, embezzlement, misappropriation, etc.

At DLA, we have assisted corporate, private equity, and law firm clients in a wide array of purchase price disputes, including working capital adjustments, earn-outs, and breaches of representations and warranties. Our highly qualified specialists serve as forensic accountants, expert witnesses, and consultants throughout the deal lifecycle.

Our solutions include:

  • Pre-close assessment of deal provisions
  • Closing statement preparation
  • Objection notice preparation
  • Neutral accounting arbitrator (also known as an independent accountant, accounting referee, and independent auditor)
  • Expert report preparation and testimony

DLA’s multidisciplinary teams work closely with attorneys representing firms, boards, and executives. We respond quickly and efficiently to allegations, which include whistleblower complaints, and investigations regarding fraud or corruption intentionally committed for financial profit. DLA’s experts rely on their extensive experience in investigations, forensic accounting, analysis, reporting, statement preparation, and expert witness testimony to offer solutions to a variety of serious and potentially illegal activities.

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