Knowing the proper value of a business ownership interest is crucial in circumstances such as litigation, shareholder disputes, buy-sell agreements, and estate planning. The majority of closely held business owners do not know the value of their business ownership interest. Adding to the complexity, the value of a business ownership interest may vary for different purposes. For example, a business ownership interest may have one value for marital dissolution purposes and a different one for estate and gift tax purposes.

Valuing a business requires a high level of expertise. Our business valuation professionals have the specialized training, knowledge, and skills, as well as the in-depth accounting, finance, valuation and tax experience necessary to effectively provide clients with an accurate and defensible business valuation that holds up to meticulous scrutiny.

Our experts perform a thoughtful and thorough analysis, utilizing professional skepticism, to obtain a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and prospects of each business ownership interest. We apply recognized, generally accepted valuation methodologies to deliver a highly credible business valuation.

Our professionals have valued majority and minority business interests to address a wide range of valuation needs, including:

  • Marital Dissolution
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Buy-sell Agreements
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Estate Planning

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