Process & Systems Optimization

Process and Systems Optimization involves the strategic assessment of people, process and technology from a strategic perspective. DLA designs sustainable and effective processes to maximize opportunity in your company.

We work with businesses of all sizes across virtually every industry to assess increased costs, right-sized staffing needs, internal controls, work-flow, task allocation, post-merger integrations and/or business performance. Creating an optimized business model with maximum efficiency is our main objective.

Our DLA team:
  • Enables clients to focus their efforts on the highest value-add activities
  • Streamlines and automates transactional functions and re-allocates them to the most appropriate level within the organization
  • Strategically and tactically aligns organizational structure, staffing and the operational systems to support the business with process capabilities including:
    • Back and Middle Office Optimization
    • Control Remediation
    • Legal Spend Management
    • Financial Close Optimization
    • Employee Benefits and Payroll Process
    • T&E Expense Process
    • Construction and Development Process Optimization
    • Liquidity and Cash Management