Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

Understanding risks and building a proportionate, effective business continuity (BC) plan involves:
  • Analyzing the types and likelihood of continuity risks, assessing potential impacts to the business and defining business and IT recovery objectives
  • Identifying the range of options available for meeting the objectives and then determining the most suitable, cost justified approach to take
  • Creating a fail-over environment and supporting relationships (including service level agreements) and emergency procedures
  • Planning and conducting a test of simulated crisis that demonstrates the effectiveness of the BC facilities and the related procedures and training
  • Updating the BC plan and re-testing it periodically to assure its on-going ability to sustain the business in a time of crisis.
DLA can assist with all of the above, by creating plans that are:
  • Generated with the results of a risk analysis and impact assessment in mind
  • Scalable and repeatable
  • Have clear business and IT recovery objectives
  • Can be simulated and tested