Internship Program

Where do you start if you want to change the world? You start right here with an internship at DLA. From the moment you join us as a summer DLA intern, you’ll begin building your skill set and expanding your mindset.

How can what you learn transform who you become? As an Intern, you will gain exposure to our business. You will also acquire valuable hands-on experience by working with a dedicated group of professionals who will share their wealth of knowledge.  As an intern working in auditing, there are several projects and tasks you can undertake to gain valuable experience and contribute to the auditing process.

Here are some potential projects that interns will work on:

  • Financial Statement Analysis: Assist in the analysis of financial statements of PREITs, MREITs and BDCs including reviewing balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Identify any irregularities or inconsistencies that may require further investigation.
  • Internal Control Assessment: Evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls within the PREITs, MREITs and BDCs, such as reviewing documentation, conducting tests, and identifying control weaknesses or potential risks. This helps ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Sampling and Testing: Assist in designing and conducting audit sampling and testing procedures. This includes selecting samples, performing substantive tests, and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of financial information.
  • Documentation and Workpaper Preparation: Help in preparing and organizing audit workpapers, documenting procedures, and maintaining proper records of audit evidence. This ensures compliance with auditing standards and facilitates review by senior auditors.

Throughout your internship, you will receive regular feedback, guidance and coaching from our professionals to help you develop the skills you need to succeed, including presenting and networking.

Your internship experience will culminate with a group presentation to leadership.  Once you graduate, there are opportunities for full time employment as an Associate. Build your career path and take the journey with DLA.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

How to Apply

When to Apply

  • Early Fall is preferred
  • Resumes will be reviewed on a rolling basis

Interview Process

  • If eligible, a Recruiter will contact you for an initial screening
  • Next round of the process will be an interview with a senior member of the team


  • A Recruiter will contact you directly with the offer details

Post Offer

  • If you are interested in touring the Fairfield office, or networking with future team members, please let the Recruiter know so we can schedule a convenient time