Enterprise Risk Management

ERM, or Enterprise Risk Management, is the process of managing the activities of an organization to minimize the risk on its strategic initiatives, capital and earnings. ERM includes risks not only associated with accidental losses, but also with financial, strategic, operational and compliance issues.

DLA has deep experience performing risk assessments and guides clients through the ERM process. We work closely with our clients’ management teams’ to perform risk assessments and design custom ERM processes.

A risk assessment is the basis for an effective internal audit strategy. DLA helps anticipate problems as well as avoid, accept, share or transfer them if they do arise. A well-thought-out strategy not only helps companies prioritize their internal audit efforts, but also paves the way to reach their corporate strategic goals, improves profitability and helps identify compliance needs for governmental regulations and laws.

Organizations like DLA that vigorously interpret the results of their risk assessment process set a foundation for establishing an effective ERM program and are better positioned to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.