Forensics, Valuation & Litigation Support

DLA’s Forensics, Valuation & Litigation Support group provides clients with top support and solutions on a wide variety of forensic and financial matters related to the litigation process.  Our professional team of valuation experts, forensic accountants and fraud investigators are well versed in the litigation process.

Forensic Accounting

Combining highly specialized forensic skills with up-to-the minute industry knowledge, our forensics team examines and analyzes financial data. DLA forensic accountants provide expert services to many clients in diverse industries for issues spanning contract breaches to shareholder disputes, real estate disputes, partnership disputes and employee investigations.

Valuation Services

DLA offers an organized and structured approach to helping companies evaluate, measure and report on a wide range of valuation issues. The nature of the valuation service required dictates the valuation approach, governing rules and industry standards under which we provide our services. Our valuation professionals fully understand the applicable accounting standards, case law, IRS regulations, AICPA standards and other regulatory requirements that must be adhered to. We are committed to providing our clients with a cogent work product that adheres to the highest professional standards.

Litigation Support

DLA has extensive experience assisting counsel and their clients tackle complex issues. Our specialists work closely with attorneys and their clients to address the financial aspects of their issues efficiently.  Our team has experience assisting clients in corporate litigation, individual and shareholder disputes and matrimonial dissolution. Our services include financial investigations, expert witness testimony and consulting expert witness support.