Webinar: Demystifying the New SEC Cybersecurity Regulations

September 12, 2023 
12pm EST | 9am PST

A few weeks ago, the SEC released a new regulation for publicly traded companies that goes into effect in December of this year. 

This new Cybersecurity Risk Management Governance and Incident Disclosure policy presents significant changes to disclosure requirements.
  • Does your organization have a clear grasp of the nuances of these new requirements?
  • Is your company ready to meet these guidelines in December?
  • Does your company have an action plan to implement the required changes?
This webinar will discuss what this new regulation means for your organization.  
We will cover:
  • What the new SEC cybersecurity rules are.
  • How the rules are likely to impact companies.
  • How technology can help enhance cybersecurity posture through better risk management.
  • Potential next steps for complying with the rules.
Register to attend live on September 12th or to receive the recording.
  • Robin Cyrus, Head of Cybersecurity at DLA
  • Michael Abboud, Founder & CEO at TetherView
  • Mike Stiglianses, Cyber Risk Expert, Independent Consultant 

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