DLA Committees

Philanthropic Committee

Giving back to our community where we live, and work is an integral part of DLA’s culture. The support of activities and the encouragement of the firm’s employees to participate in them is a part of who we are. DLA is as dedicated to making our community a better place as we are to providing quality internal audit and accounting advisory services.

Comprised of staff, the Philanthropic Committee administers an annual budget determined by the firm’s leadership. Each year the Philanthropic Committee chooses a special focus for its charitable donations. The Committee then contributes time, goods, and money to select non-profit charitable organizations in our community. Past themes include backpack donations and school supplies to children in need.

Social Committee

At DLA, we’ve always loved a social and the chance to spend time with our colleagues away from our desks, so it seemed only right to create a dedicated Social Committee, allowing our team to organize activities and events that appeal to them.

The role of our Social Committee is to improve the social environment of our workplace. Managed by our employees, the Social Committee organizes social events for our staff and families. Their goal is to create a sense of togetherness and well-being amongst our people.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

DLA is committed to fostering a culture that is both diverse and inclusive — one that encourages and enables all staff to be successful.

DLA’s greatest asset is its people. They come from diverse cultural, social, ethnic, religious, and racial backgrounds. It’s important to us that we reflect the diversity of the community around us. As such, the firm’s commitment to hiring diverse employees is supported by the firm’s culture of community and family.

The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee is committed to working with DLA leadership to promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion.  They continue to listen, learn, and act to make meaningful and positive change.

Remote Workforce Committee

DLA is providing a purposeful remote work experience for its employees. Our employees are seeking real connection more than ever before, and it’s our responsibility to cultivate an environment where they can continue to thrive and pursue their passions with like-minded co-workers, even in a virtual setting.

The Remote Workforce Committee helps create an environment for our remote workers where they can partake in various activities to stay connected to their co-workers, and one where they have a meaningful team experience.