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Company Culture – More than a Job, an Experience

DLA leadership prioritizes attracting and retaining a diverse workforce who think, work, and ask questions in different, innovative ways. DLA Leadership empowers every voice within our organization and encourage our employees to share their thoughts and ideas.

Across all levels of the organization, DLA employees are encouraged to forge their own career paths, while committing just as passionately to their personal lives and communities. DLA promotes opportunities for career advancement while investing in the continuous training of our people to help them grow professionally.

DLA leadership celebrates successes and reward high performers for their accomplishments. DLA fosters an environment that motivates employees to be their best and contribute to the overall growth of their teams, the firm, and themselves. It is only through our employees’ knowledge and commitment that we can serve our clients and maintain our strong reputation in the industry.

DLA’s sustained commitment to the team, clients, and community for over 22 years is the root of our success. Balanced lives continue to make great business sense. Therefore, DLA leadership remains strongly committed to providing the whole employee experience:

Working together as one team
Everyone has a voice
Accessibility throughout all levels of the organization
Open communication
A sense of belonging
Respectful to those around us
Enjoyable work environment
Recognition for accomplishments
Involved strong leadership
Flexible work arrangements
Ongoing and proactive feedback to team members
Transparent communication from leadership
Empowering team members
Errors are acceptable and should be learned from
Development of team members to enhance skills

Our Firm

From the beginning, David Landau envisioned a firm that was different from others – a people business. He started by talking with clients and asked what they needed in a firm and a partner. Creating a place where he loved to work, David laid the foundation for the firm we are today: a comprehensive internal audit and accounting advisory choice for employees, the office of the CFO, audit committees and public accounting firms and law firms on behalf of their clients. David redefined what it means to be a firm in this space. DLA brings the full weight of the firm to all we do. Within an ecosystem of collaboration, we help enable our clients’ success by delivering depth and breadth of insights, innovation, and solutions.

With a focus on enjoying work, David created a company culture that is employee focused, innovative and enjoyable. Most people do not associate joy with accounting, but at DLA, we do. It is why our employees choose to be here and stay here. And why our clients get the best service.

Now, with over 22 years of continual growth, DLA has created a unique platform with diverse revenue streams, and a suite of services and solutions for clients and partners. We have built an unmatched, diversified risk and governance, and accounting advisory platform with the expertise to lead in every sector. Agile, tenacious, innovative—we exceed expectations to outcompete the competition. We know clients have a choice, and we bring our greatest asset, our people, to lead the engagement and drive client success.

DLA’s diverse suite of capabilities goes beyond traditional internal audit and accounting advisory offerings. By leveraging expertise and experience, our business groups are uniquely positioned to provide collaborative solutions at every stage of the business life cycle and in all market conditions.

We take our company’s purpose seriously and live by our core values. We also enjoy each other’s company and like to participate in local and team events, charitable giving and take pride in hiring summer interns so that they can start their career path.

Our Principles

Our principles are based on our core values of transparency, value-driven and responsive, which shape our culture and define the character of our company.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is comprised of industry veterans with decades of experience in internal audit and accounting advisory. The Leadership team empowers employees and focuses on the employee experience by providing resources, tools, and an environment where they can succeed.

DLA’s Partners Are The Driving Force Behind Our Team Of Experienced Talent

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