Coronavirus Update from DLA, LLC

To our valued clients and friends:

With the uncertainty of the situation surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to evolve, we understand that it is affecting businesses and our usual daily lives in many different ways. We want to assure you that DLA is fully committed to the safety and health of our employees, clients and colleagues, and their families, while ensuring minimal disruption to our work and client service during this critical time. We will continue to follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and other governmental agencies issuing guidance. We will continue to inform our team of the latest information and guidance available to ensure they have the best information to navigate through this challenging time and stay safe reducing the possibility of contracting COVID-19 and passing it along to others.

We always had a strong infrastructure in place to support our business continuity efforts. We continue to leverage those processes and policies and are continually evaluating/enhancing them where necessary to ensure our firm and our clients are in the best position to succeed without interruption. Some of the specific steps, resources and policies we are leveraging include:

• Having the technology infrastructure for our staff to work remotely.

• Staff are encouraged to work remotely and avoid mass transit and working in large groups.

• Communicating with clients regarding working locations, client-specific COVID-19 policies and protocols, and understanding clients’ specific needs and deadlines.

• Providing video conference capabilities to conduct important meetings remotely.

• Corresponding with staff about the steps they can take to reduce the spread of germs and the risk of contracting the virus.

• Mandating that staff who have symptoms such as fever, sneezing and coughing work from home and not return to work for two weeks. 

• Requiring all staff who travel outside of the United States to work from home and to not return to the office or client locations for two weeks. 

We will continue to monitor this challenging situation and update you on the specific steps DLA is taking as the situation evolves. In the event the policies outlined herein cause you any concern or you expect them to cause disruption to your business, please immediately contact the partner-in-charge of your engagement or me. We will immediately address your concerns and do our best to navigate through this challenging time while ensuring the safety our team and your employees. 

We thank you for continuing to put your trust in us.

David S. Landau, CPA, CVA

Founder & CEO